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Date : 06-08,09 (11:53)
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Thanks for your visiting our booth at 2009 KOBA show.
We really appreciate all our customer who stopped by to see the IONE's new solution and system.

Here is the booth sketch of our booth for your review.

If you have any further information, please contact us.

IONE showcased a range of system solution and system.

Vtron : DLP Display Wall System
Ananlog Way : High Resolution Mixer & Seamless Switcher.
Gefen : Digital Exteder, Switcher, Convertor, Scaler and so on.
Panasonic : DLP 3 chip Projectors
IONE's own model - RGB Matrix Swithcer and Automatic Touch Multi-table box.
PID solution

[Booth image]

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## Vtron Technolgies Ltd.

Vtron 50" SXGA+ 2x2 system (100") Video wall display system
Vtron will launch NEW generation product which is based on LED lamp light source.
Displaying source by Powerful Digicom multi processor

[About Vtron]
VTRON is a leading technology company that specializes in the design, manufacture sales, and service of state-of-the-art visualization systems and solutions that provide an enhanced group communication with greater flexibility, connectivity, and quality.

## Analog Way

Di-VentiXII by Analog Way. There is 4 Live PiP displaying in still background image

Different mode of Di-VentiX & Di-VentiXⅡ by Analog Way. Matrix mode, Mixer mode, SEB model.
Enjoyable and Fantastic effect!
Central SEB mode and Mixer mode at L,R screen.
All system controlled by Axion manager controller.

Preview monitor of DiventixII.

Self testing at the booth.
Extremely Enjoyable Event with IONESYSTEM!

Seamless SEB solution with 2 projectors.
Projector sponsored by Panasonic.

Multiformat convertor by AnalogWay.
It is very useful model in especially Korean Market of LED screen.

[About Analog Way]
Analog Way is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative image converters. Analog Way was founded in 1989 by Pierre Berthet and Marc Loret, two pioneers in the computer to video scan conversion technology field. The company headquarters is located in Paris, France. Our Research & Development, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing operations are performed in Paris, France.

## IONESYSTEM own brand - RGB Matrix

IONESYSTEM's new products line-up
RGB Matrix
Upto 32x32 input & output
Easy to control by RS-232C and Local network

## Gefen

Gefen products.
Photo is UTP extender model.
It extends and distributes VGA up to 600feet(180meters) with two display output.
We are appreciated Gefen's support with Catalogue 2009 NEW version and special gift!

[About Gefen]
Gefen delivers innovative, progressive computer and electronics add-on solutions that harness integration, extension, distribution and conversion technologies. Gefen's reliable, plug-and-play products supplement cross-platform computer systems, professional audio/video environments and HDTV systems of all sizes with hard-working solutions that are easy to implement and simple to operate. Consistently the first-to-market with its solutions, Gefen was at the forefront of the digital video and HDTV (high definition television) evolution, providing HDTV problem-solvers that split, distribute, extend and convert HDTV for maximizing any digital video environment, regardless of scope and stature.

## IONE's Automatic Touch multi-table box

Automatic Touch multi-table box.
Also available communication by RS-485.
Useful model for High-End conference system and luxury hotel.

Hope to see you soon.

IONE is importer and distributor of NEW generation equipment by Oversea and exporter of Number of model of Switchers and Automatic Tocuh multi-table box.

Need any further information, please contact at midthink@ionesystems.com or midthink@gmail.com

Thank you for reading!


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